Multi Grain Meal
The Breadhouse has developed a Multi Grain Meal in association with a South African based company with the objective to supply a specialized nutritious, affordable (functional) food solution to the mines, private security, transport, farms, schools, feeding programs, global aid organizations, war zones, refugee camps and areas of high poverty.

Our products and formulations are developed with evidence- based science. Nutritional and dietary recommendations are firmly rooted with evidence-based science and the services of knowledgeable professionals in their respective fields of expertise are obtained.
In-depth studies with respect to nutritional and health benefits have been undertaken by the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and will be ongoing.

All manufacturing and formulating is being undertaken in facilities that have GNP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.
We have the ASPIRATA certification for the food safety management systems.
We have FSSC 22000 certification
We have certification on the R962 regulation set out from the department of Health.

To kickstart this initiative for the first 120 000 food packages we need a contribution of €50,000.

A Percentage of the funding of these food parcels will also be going towards our Baketainer fund in order to ensure that our project is a long-term sustainable solution and not just an immediate relief.

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The Breadhouse is currently working on a groundbreaking project called the Baketainer. By building the bakery inside a sea container, it can easily be moved around the world. The purpose of the Baketainer is to providing robust and durable bakeries which can be employed around the world in war zones, refugee camps and areas with a lot of poverty.

We’re building Baketainers for the most remote and impoverished areas.
By developing the Baketainer, we are making it possible to meet a basic need for every human being in the poorest regions and most remote areas of the world: “bread”.

The Baketainer costs €80,000, — this money we’re trying to bring together through our Multi Grain Meals actions as well as individual sponsorship. This is why you have this information to ask for a contribution towards this Baketainer project.

you can donate directly

Thank you very much!!