To make the world a little bit better, one meal and one beaktainer at a time

Ongoing and forthcoming projects


In recent years, we have set up

  • 2 bakeries in Elandsdoorn, South Africa,
  • 5 bakeries in Armenia,
  • 1 in Pretoria, South Africa,
  • 1 in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa,
  • 1 in Port Elisabeth, South Africa.

In these bakeries, bread is baked to provide the local population with their essential needs for life; “bread”.

Our new project was developing a unique formulation that produces instant, great tasting, immune boosting, nutritionally balanced and ‘complete ‘meals. In addition, the product works well when mixed with water, is easily transportable and can be stored for many months. Most of all it is ‘affordable’ and carries the highest nutritional value than anything else in the market (locally and internationally).

Further to the above we are also developing a bakery in a container, so that it can be used in different places, We hope to be able to deliver the first Baktainer as soon as possible. For more information, see

The objective for the above not only to bring immediate relieve via our Multi Grain Meals , in deprived areas, war zones and refugee camps, but also to plant sustainable long term relief that continues feeding the needy long after.

We have now been able to build the following bakeries:
2000 – 2 bakeries in Elandsdoorn with the help of the “Wilde Ganzen” foundation;
2011 – 5 small bakeries in Armenia, with the help of the “Kom oor en Help” foundation;
2012 – 1 Bakery in Mabopane, South Africa with the help of the “Victory for All” foundation and the Wilde Ganzen foundation;
2012 – Bakery in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa with the help of the “Lesedi La Batho” foundation and the Wilde Ganzen foundation;
2017 – Bakery in Port Elisabeth, Missionvale, South Africa with the help of the “Wilde Ganzen” foundation;

We are planning the following baketainers:
2020 – Baketainer in Sierra Leone
2021 – Baketainers in Sierra Leone
2021 – Baketainer in Senegal
2021 – Baketainer in Uganda
2021 – Baketainers in South Africa
2021 – Bakery in Pretoria, South Africa
2021 – Baketainer/Bakery in Honduras

Are you helping?
Setting up a Baketainer equipped and shipped to start with baking bread immediately after commissioning will cost in the region of € 80 000 without the transport cost.
Of course, we cannot do this alone – Are you helping us?

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